about best new place

Like a lot of people these days, I have moved locations multiple times.

Each time there would be a drawer with paper manuals for only some of the stuff in my new place.

Sound familiar?

When it came time to order a new water filter for the fridge or air filter for the air conditioning system I would search online, hopefully find the right size/make, order it and most of the time it fit.

I thought there must be a better way.

An app that “knows” what appliances, etc. are in your place with links to the exact parts, manuals, and DIY videos.

I even explored designing and developing the system myself.

Then in 2019 I discovered Centriq.

These guys had developed the exact system I had thought about.

I tried it and loved it.

It is so easy to use and built on great technology.

This is how I founded the company Best New Place.

about best new place
about best new place

I love setting up someone’s home with this Digital Inventory App.

It gives you one electronic place for all your stuff.

You can add new appliances as you get them, include photos/videos, use it for insurance claims, keep up to date on any recalls, and a lot more.

Realtors particularly value the service as they can provide it to the buyer – so no paper manuals which usually are missing anyway!

It’s a great value for the seller and buyer!

Finally a modern way to get up to speed on your new place.

Your Best New Place!

Having worked in the Hospitality Industry for some years I now have my Real Estate License and honestly have found my passion helping new homeowners/renters have a full and actionable digital inventory of the space they now live in.  

Check out the Services page to see how easy it is to get your place digitally inventoried!

My digital inventory service can be provided to any property within a 50-mile radius of Portsmouth, Rhode Island. This includes Newport, Providence, Bristol, Kent, and Washington Counties. If you are located in Massachusetts or Connecticut, please contact me to confirm my service is available to you.

about best new place