Best New Place’s Health and Safety Policy

We are serious about health and safety!

During these uncertain times, Best New Place operates using strict health and safety procedures.

Our focus is to protect our customers and our team.

We use personal protective equipment (PPE) and will work with Realtors and homeowners to ensure state and federal safe distancing and safety protocols are observed.

At this time we are primarily providing service to properties that are not owner-occupied unless certain health and safety criteria are met.

This may change as local restrictions are lifted.

Thank you for your continued support.

Be safe!

Best New Place's Health and Safety Policy

My digital inventory service can be provided to any property within a 50-mile radius of Portsmouth, Rhode Island. This includes Newport, Providence, Bristol, Kent, and Washington Counties. If you are located in Massachusetts or Connecticut, please contact me to confirm my service is available to you.

Best New Place's Health and Safety Policy