Best New Place Testimonials

What is it like for our clients when we provide our digital inventory services? Read some of the Best New Place testimonials below.

Getting the Digital Inventory done at our home was very easy. Chase arrived on time and completed the work in about two hours. He brought his own wifi hotspot which meant we did not have to share our password – this was important to my husband. He was super polite and made no mess whatsoever.

The next day he sent me the link to Centriq and we were all set !

The App is terrific and we just add things as we get them such as our new stand mixer. Could not be easier. Love it !

best new place testimonials

Chase arrived with his iPhone and laptop and did the inventory quite quickly. He made no mess and had some tools to get to hard to reach appliances. He sent the email the next day with the link as promised. The Centriq App is very easy to use. Everyone should have this digital inventory of their home as you now have an electronic record of all your appliances and can order parts and get recall notices electronically. For the price, it’s well worth having!


My digital inventory service can be provided to any property within a 50-mile radius of Portsmouth, Rhode Island. This includes Newport, Providence, Bristol, Kent, and Washington Counties. If you are located in Massachusetts or Connecticut, please contact me to confirm my service is available to you.